Have you ever heard of a bagpipe stand? ​

A bagpipe stand is a cradle that holds your pipes when they are not being played.

Why is a bagpipe stand important?

Well, the problem with most portable instruments is that they often spend too much time in the case. You know the drill. You buy a beautiful instrument, play it, and when you’re done you put it in the case. The reason that’s a problem is that the case then goes into the closet and you forget that you have the instrument. It’s not in your line of vision.

The great highland bagpipe is a great-sounding instrument, but it is also physically attractive. You spend all of that money learning to play the great highland bagpipe, you finally make that big investment, your pipes arrive, and they’re beautiful! Don’t you want it displayed in a safe place to be admired? Don’t you want to be able to brag about it once in a while?

There is a psychological reason to having the bagpipe stand. If your instrument is out in the open and you see it every day, it calls to you. It calls “come play with me!” People who have their instruments out play them more often than not.

Worried about displaying an unsightly stand in your music room, den, or living area? Not a problem. These stands are attractive and made of actual natural materials like pine, oak, maple, cherry and black walnut, in order of least expensive to most expensive. When you buy the black walnut stand, the cradle is actually black walnut. Not pine with a black walnut stain. You get the actual wood that you ordered. The hardware for the stand is a 3-legged music stand that folds up for travel. The legs, when in operation, stand at 12, 4 and 8 o’clock as most of the weight is towards the back.

In most cases, when you purchase a stand it will be shipped via UPS. The shipping cost is determined by time zone. We are shipping from Eastern Time Zone. The most expensive shipping is from Eastern Time to Pacific Time, which is $95. Let’s take the most expensive stand; the black walnut for $260 plus the shipping of $95 makes it $355 delivered. Reduced to daily use, it would cost you 97 cents per day for the first year to own it. This is something that you would have for many years and could be willed to your children and grandchildren along with your bagpipes.

Below are photos of some bagpipe stands that we have made, displayed in our customer’s homes, along with their testimonials:


​Here is a picture of it in my music room. I am very pleased with your pipe stand. Not only is it functional; it is beautifully made. It complements a beautiful set of highland pipes. Having the pipes in the stand keeps them safe and easily accessible for daily practice. Perhaps you should design a stand for my small pipes or border pipes. Keep up the craft.
Slàinte Mhaith,



Here is a picture of my Bagpipe stand. I love it! It is so convenient to set my bagpipes aside in a safe place where they won’t get accidentally sat on or knocked around.

I used to place them on the back of my sofa when I was practicing throughout the day. I always had to worry about them laying out and getting damaged. My Kitty always wanted to lay on top of them. She was shooed to the case instead. Ha ha! Now, My pipes are always safely cradled and out of harmed.
I have a parrot that loves the sound of bagpipes! He is my wee piping buddy! Both, are never far away for me. I’m super pleased with my bagpipe stand!

s way. Also, I love that I can just pick them up easily anytime I want to. If they are put away it seems they are out of sight, out of mind. On the stand, they are always there beckoning to be play



Hi Gary ,

Here are some photos you could use , as well as myself in full kilt uniform. I enjoy the hymnal you put together a few years ago . As for a testimonial on the stand , here it goes …..

I find the bagpipe stand very attractive, with the pipes in good protection , stored well ,
instead of a pipe case . I get many compliments on the bagpipe stand . Because my pipes
are in view , I play much more often . , and you know , it really draws you to enjoy this
unique sounding instrument . The bagpipe stand is solid , and well built !

Brian , / piper from Wisconsin

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