I’d like to make a product endorsement. When I first started playing the pipes almost 40 years ago, we played everything “wet”. Hide bags, seasoning, cane drone reeds, etc. The goal was keeping everything from drying out. Today we have taken a 180 degree turn. Everything is about keeping the pipes dry. I have to say that dry pipes are more stable in the tuning department. Over a period of time, I have tried various moisture control products to keep my pipes dry. I have used the Banatyne Bottle and Sleeve, the Gibson “Quick Release Water Trap”, the “Kinnaird Canister” and my present product. I believe in sharing with people what I think is a successful product. With all of the products that I have mentioned so far, I found myself literally drying my pipes with a towel after a 45-minute performance. My pipes got so wet that my Kinnaird Drone reeds filled up with water and gurgled and finally stopped. I was desperate for something new.
Recently Kim at Gibson Bagpipes sent me a new product to try. It is called the “Gibson Universal Moisture Control System”. This system uses a material kind of like a car shammy cloth that is rolled up on this inside of a plastic cylinder. I have to say that this is an incredible product. I can play a whole week of gigs before I even have to think about it. Since I play out on a regular basis, I have made it a weekly regiment to change the shammy inside so that I am good for another week. I can’t believe the difference. The product sells for $95 plus tax and shipping. I can only tell you that if you’d like dry pipes and don’t want the burden of a heavy canister system, this is the way to go. If you’d like to order one,