Having taught bagpipes for a number of years, I see the same problem happening over and over. A person spends 8 to 12 months developing their bagpipe skills on the practice chanter and then make a substantial investment in a set of bagpipes.

In most cases these bagpipes are beautiful. I think that it is important to protect your investment with a case, however the next thing that you need is a “bagpipe stand”. This product is not only a place to display your bagpipe investment proudly, but is I have found that “out of sight, out of mind” means that bagpipe practice suffers. It’s too hard to remember your bagpipes when they are in a case in a a closet. As I have sold many bagpipe stands, my students that own them, play the bagpipe more regularly. Why? Because they are out and ready to play. All you need to is to pick them up.

The Bagpipe Stand comes in pine, oak, maple and cherry. The price includes delivery. Wouldn’t it be worth the investment to display your expensive bagpipes where they can not only been admired, but played more often.